4/5 Stars

★★★★ Prepare to be Disgusted: Frenchy really is The World’s Worst Adult

imageFrenchy is well known in his Aussie homeland and in the realms of YouTube, and he’s breaking into the UK comedy scene with ‘World’s Worst Adult’. If you’re aware of his YouTube content you’ll be pleased/relieved to know that he’s quit his teaching day job and is now touring full time, entertaining and offending audiences in equal measure.

Potential for offence is high in this show, especially if you’re a woman. Although this female reviewer took great pleasure in watching Frenchy gauge where the line is with his audience, and then pushing it that bit further. There’s a good spread of revoltingness; paedophilia, bestiality, and all manner of sexual perversion.

There’s a fair amount of audience interaction too, and it’s not surprising that no one in the audience owns up to certain things: like being a teacher or not liking hand jobs, but Frenchy is a playful menace and doesn’t set out to humiliate anyone, just have the audience groaning in disgust at his own shenanigans.

Being not dissimilar to the sloth from Ice Age and having a caustically misogynist slant to his sense of humour, it’s not surprising when Frenchy confesses that he has been without a girlfriend for quite some time. On the plus side for the audience we do get to hear some awesome speed dating stories and the show culminates in one of the worst/best Tinder stories you have ever heard. Warning: do not see this show if you have a strong affection for Frozen.

imageThere are some other excellent references to children’s films too, mainly revolving around his obsession with Harry Potter, and this links to the other element of his stand-up, what we might call his singer-song writer flourishes, all of which contain lots of childish references to sex and violence. He’s a loveable scoundrel, sort of.

All in all this is an excellent taste of Aussie comedy, and Frenchy will surely become an established comic on the UK scene.

Frenchy is at the Gilded Ballon Teviot until August 29th and his show starts at 9.15 everyday.

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