4/5 Stars

★★★★ Drag Kings Meet Punk Music

imageAfter a sensational opening involving the lead singer of The Great White Males smashing his way through the stage’s backdrop, this punk performance gets off to a cracking start:

“Everybody wants a home
A little bit of debt to call their own”

The show’s called Cuncrete, and it uses the medium of punk and a lot of deadpan humour to satirise the ridiculousness of the housing crisis in the UK. It’s very clever and very funny.

The band is made of four women (who own up to never having played these instruments before) who take on the personae of alpha-male Tories is sharp suits. Under the direction of Archibald Tactful (Rachael Clerke) they thrash around on stage, singing about Thatcher, social mobility and affordable housing. And of course, concrete: whilst standing in a cement mixer, pissing champagne out of his concrete cock Archibald cries, “Capitalism is f*cking great!”.

It’s noisy, smart and funny. These drag kings are so cool you’ll want to grab the nearest eyeliner, draw on a moustache and get up and join them (or you can just buy a ticket and watch them).

Cuncrete plays at Summerhall until August 26th (not 15 or 22) and performances begin at 22:00

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