3 Stars

★★★ Sassy and Silly: 60 minutes of Fun and Key Changes

Abigail Bryant reviews Tamar Broadbent: Get Ugly

Although musical comedy might not be everybody’s cup of tea, Tamar Broadbent’s Get Ugly is fantastically awkward and charming enough to make even the hardest of hearts smile, even if just momentarily. A mix of stand up and singing, this show delivers self-deprecatory confessions and ‘newly single’ mantras which, albeit at times cliché, form the basis of an entertaining and relatable hour of fun and light relief – something the world definitely needs at the moment.

Where Tamar really shines is through her stand-up, and she delivers one-liners and anecdotes effortlessly and authentically – it feels spontaneous and as though she genuinely cares about giving her audience a good time. Although she undoubtedly has a great voice and impressive charisma on stage, the musical element can be a bit much at times, not in a cringe-worthy sense but better in small doses.

Commenting through song on modern day predicaments such as ‘Facebook suicide’ and ‘sexy gym girls’, Tamar addresses the insecurities and empowerment that singledom carries, and her unapologetic honesty is funny, relevant and genuinely entertaining. The performance takes a U turn in tone with a slightly out of place ballad about her sister, which feels a little too sentimental and serious for what has so far been a light-hearted and sassy show about body confidence and hot guys with weird voices. The concept behind the belter ‘hipster without a cause’ also feels a bit dated, and it’s clear that Tamar is at her best when she focusses on her own glorious personality and experiences rather than trying to cover overdone material like this.

Overall, Get Ugly is an hour of unadulterated fun and female empowerment. Not just for the girls though, there’s something for everyone. Warning: the tunes are incredibly catchy, so be prepared to sing about ‘moving the fridge’ for a couple of hours afterwards.

Tamar Broadbent: Get Ugly plays at Underbelly Med Quad until August 28th.

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