Top 5 Shows in October

It’s starting to get cold and the nights are drawing in, so what better reason to spend a night at the theatre.
Here are our top 5 plays to see this October:

1. Lunch and The Bow of Ulysses at Trafalgar Studios

berkoffWitness a couple meeting for the first time, on a bench in a park near the sea.

Then find them again years later, and experience through them the paradoxical isolation and partnership that comes after two decades of coupledom.

Lunch and its sequel The Bow of Ulysses are two of Berkoff’s wittiest and insightful small pieces examining the pain and the humour within the most intimate of human relationships.

Directed by Nigel Harman and starring Shaun Dooley (Broadchurch) and Emily Bruni (Peep Show), this promises an exciting and provocative presentation of Berkoff’s masterful writing.

2. Light at Battersea Arts Centre

lightA nightmarish tale of love, betrayal and technological power from the multi-award winning makers of Translunar Paradise andBallad of the Burning Star.

Inspired by Edward Snowden’s revelations and state surveillance, Theatre Ad Infinitum conjures an Orwellian future where a totalitarian regime monitors the thoughts of its citizens through implants.

Blending anime-style storytelling and pulsating soundscapes, Light draws audiences into its sci-fi realm. Torchlight innovatively illuminates this wordless production set atmospherically in darkness.

3. Here’s Hoping at Oval Theatre

heres-hopingDaisy and Pablo are tired of being cynical, and of all this darkness. They’re sifting through Hallmark clichés, pipe dreams, song lyrics and political statements looking for a chink of light… Where does hope come from? Where can you get it, or get it back?

They’re not promising answers, but you never know, maybe something will happen if we are all in a room together.

Here’s hoping.

4. Skin A Cat at the new Bunker Theatre

skin-a-catEvery teenager thinks they’re the only one not having sex. But for Alana, it may well be true. She really wants to, but luck is clearly not on her side. Soon she can’t help wondering: Is it this tricky for everyone else? Because no one ever said it was going to be this complicated.

‘Skin A Cat’ follows Alana on an awkward sexual odyssey with a kaleidoscope of off-kilter characters: from getting her first period at nine years old and freaking out her frantic mother, to watching bad porn at a house party with her best friend’s boyfriend, to a painful examination by an overly cheery gynaecologist – all in the pursuit of losing her virginity and finally becoming a woman, whatever that means…

5. Shopping and F*cking at the Lyric, Hammersmith

shopping-and-fucking-700x455It’s summer. I’m in a supermarket. It’s hot and I’m sweaty. Damp. And I’m watching this couple shopping. I’m watching you. And you’re both smiling. You see me and you know sort of straight away that I’m going to have you.’

Twenty years since its explosive premiere, Olivier Award-winning director Sean Holmes brings Mark Ravenhill’s provocative first play, Shopping and F***ing back to the stage.

With a raw mixture of black humour and bleak philosophy, the play follows three disconnected young adults whose lives have been reduced to a series of transactions in an emotionally shrink wrapped world. A place where Shopping is sexy and F***ing is a job.

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