4/5 Stars

★★★★ A Powerful Pairing of Economics and Art

Credit: Adam York Gregory

Abigail Bryant reviews The Audit (Or Iceland, A Modern Myth) at artsdepot

The Audit is Proto-type Theatre’s second theatrical work examining contemporary politics, and this time they focus on how the nation of Iceland raised it’s voice in opposition to the human cost of greed. With passion and vigour, Rachel Baynton and Gillian Lees tell the story of the 2008 financial crash while vividly transporting us back and forth over oceans and eras to uncover and understand the global consequences of what is, for many, an abstract moment of history with significantly tangible repercussions.

Powerful and intelligent use of film, animation, sound and props help to make this production compelling and engaging from start to finish, but Baynton and Lee’s narration is incredibly impressive in it’s own right. Their chemistry feels authentic and dialogue bounces off one another comfortably and fluidly. The Audit has a complex and dense subject matter at it’s heart, both in terms of the financial mechanics and the bleak landscape for those not in power, but the content of the play is digestible and entertaining while maintaining a sense of investigation and exploration. This is credit to Andrew Westerside’s writing and direction, and subtle use of humour and playfulness have a powerful impact when offset against political, economical and financial revelation and protest.

The Audit, while focussing on a specific time and place against a broader context, has an extremely poignant and relevant message at it’s core. Strength and collective power in the face of political adversity has never been more important, and the exploration of power and moral values on the stage is a powerful example of where art and politics intuitively intersect.

More information about The Audit can be found here 

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