Milked at Soho Theatre – 4 Stars

For many of the Soho audience watching Milked it might be true to say that they harbour the dream of one day moving out of the Big Smoke and into the idyllic countryside. It’s interesting then to see the viewpoint reversed; not so much country folk desperate to […]

Rove – 3 Stars

In the truest sense of the work Rove is a confessional piece of theatre. Charmingly honest, J. Fergus Evans tells us stories of his family’s history using straight narrative, narrative poetry and folk music. His purpose is twofold; he wants to show the slippery nature of family anecdotes, […]

Vault Festival

Vault Festival A SIX WEEK CREATIVE FESTIVAL IN WATERLOO TUNNELS 28 JANUARY – 8 MARCH 2015 We’re already in the middle of Vault Festival; the wide-ranging arts festival that’s designed to support emerging talent in theatre and the arts. It’s taking place in the subterranean labyrinth of the […]