Review Round Up

Review Round Up: Di, Viv and Rose at the Vaudeville Theatre

After transferring from the Hamsptead to the Vaudeville, Di, Viv and Rose continues to receive praise from the critics.

Tamzin Outwaite (Di), Samantha Spiro (Viv) and Jenna Russell (Rose) in rehearsal photo credit Johan Persson (01799.jpg

Whatsonstage: 4 Stars

“If you’re the soppy sort, Di and Viv and Rose, which recently transferred to the West End, will get you proper good, and even if you’re not, it’ll still make you think.

A captivating two and a half hour sojourn into the nature of female friendship, by turns it’s funny, moving, sweet and shocking. It’s everything you expect, with elements you really don’t see coming.”

Telegraph: 4 Stars

“But the girls are also funny, charming and bolshily argumentative, beautifully rounded out by all three actresses, who perform with great naturalism and heart. And by the simple stroke of casting women already in their forties, director Anna Mackmin offers a sort of permanent, poignant premonition of change, but also the salutary sense we grow into ourselves.”

Guardian: 4 Stars

“It’s taken four years for Amelia Bullmore’s play to make the journey from Hampstead Downstairs to the West End but it’s been worth the wait…The excellent Jenna Russell dominates the play’s first half by suggesting that Rose’s sexual appetite is an extension of her natural kindness. Samantha Spiro comes into her own later in conveying the quiet desperation behind Viv’s successful Manhattan transfer. Meanwhile Tamzin Outhwaite, the one constant in the play’s endless recasting, brings out the vulnerability that accompanies Di’s physical prowess.”

Di, Viv and Rose plays at the Vaudeville Theatre until Saturday 23 May 2015



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