4/5 Stars

★★★★ Ice-cream, Dogs and Rhythmic Gymnastics: Tony Law is Back on Form.

imageAfter a couple of years off the comedy radar Tony Law’s new show, ‘A Law Undo His-Elf What Welcome’ makes it clear that he is back on target. Bouncing onto stage in a pilot onesie and gardening gloves, Law begins his show with a sequence of rhythmic gymnastics: swishing a long red ribbon (with surprising grace) over the audience.

You have to appreciate free-association comedy to be in Law’s show in the first place. Initially you feel like he’s just lifted off the top of his head and stuck the microphone in; unleashing a Tony Law stream of consciousness on the audience, but the longer you listen the more able you are to tune in to Law’s Logic.

For example, Tony Law created rhythmic gymnastics and a whole load of other things in 1972, like drinking water during sports events and several trampolining moves- obviously. Okay, so when you write it down it doesn’t sound that logical, but it makes sense when you’re in the room, sort of.

What comes through is Law’s eagerness to reinvent himself in this show; he regularly tells us that he’s developing his personality as he doesn’t know who he is anymore. Law has been open about his problems with mental health and he jokingly acknowledges that several audience members are there just to check he’s okay.

imageAnd he is more than okay. He channels that manic energy into random babblings about ice-cream (he REALLY likes ice-cream), some excellent sit down miming and a cracking section on his dog and his car. It doesn’t sound like solid content for a show, but it works. The audience is giggling away like a bunch of stoners and Law can’t help giggling too. At one point I thought all the dry ice flooding the stage was actually marijuana smoke, but it wasn’t, it’s just that Law is very silly and very funny.

Tony Law: A Law Undo His-Elf What Welcome plays at Assembly until August 28th (not 15th) and begins at 20:00.

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