1/2 Stars

★★ Bogged-Down Comedy

Charlotte Pegram reviews Kat Bond: Loo Roll at the Pleasance, Edinburgh.

In this show Kat plays Pat, a woman abandoned by her family and left in a rubbish bin. Pat is undeniably an unusual comedy character, she is desperate to be loved and yet lacks the social skills to interact with her fellow human beings. This sometimes makes the show desperately funny, and sometimes it feels a little bit desperate.

Pat has been taken in by Tabby Crab, someone who claims to read people’s life stories from the rolls of toilet paper. She promises Pat she can teach her the skills to do the same, but all Pat really wants to do is connect with her own life story, and so she spends the majority of the show telling us about her lost family and trying to find them in the audience.

Pat ‘transforms’ into her mother, father, grandmother, sister and dog. Some of these character acts are quite amusing – the Irish grandmother particularly tickled the audience, but some of them veer towards being a little crass. The working class father who is a dustbin man seemed unimaginative, and her mother- the totally unrelated One Direction fan –was too fraught to be funny.

Kat pulls together all of her wayward characters together at the end of the show by bringing out members of the audience to perform a reunion scene. This was marginally funny for those involved, particularly the person who got to create fake steam by squeezing a bottle of talcum powder, but all in all this felt like a confused hour of comedy.

Kat Bond: Loo Roll plays at Pleasance Courtyard 5-15 and 17-28 of August.

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