4/5 Stars

Mr Tiger Goes Wild at the Chelsea Theatre – 4 Stars

The wilderness has crept into the Chelsea Theatre this Christmas bringing with it a sense of mischievous fun and rebelliousness.

Mr Tiger Goes Wild

Mr Tiger has had enough of city trappings; the repetitive routine and predictable behaviour of his city dwelling friends. What he longs for is the spontaneity of the jungle and the excitement that waits beyond the grey streets of his home.

Goblin’s second Christmas outing promises as much fun and music as its predecessor The Ballad of Rudy. Mr Tiger Goes Wild takes the Victorian design of Peter Brown’s much loved picture book and brings it to life with high teas, jazz piano and electric guitar.


Tom Penn is endearingly naughty as Mr Tiger. He keeps the young audience involved throughout; borrowing their clothing, seeking their opinion of the best sandwich combinations and encouraging them to roar along as he goes on a musical journey of self-discovery. The other half of this two hander is Sheldon Green, who is charming as the uptight Mr Deer; curbing Mr Tiger’s extravagances for as long as animally possible until he just has to loosen his antlers and join in with the wildness.

All in all it’s a great alternative to the conventional Christmas family show. And, at a time when everyone has to be on their best behaviour (just in case Father Christmas is watching and checking his list etc. etc.) this show allows- no, positively insists, that the audience let off a bit of steam and express their wild side.

Mr Tiger Plays at the Chelsea Theatre until December 21st.

Jon Stanford

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