4/5 Stars

The Wasp at Trafalgar Studios – 4 Stars

Revenge is a dish best served cold goes the saying, and this is a particularly chilling tale.

Carla and Heather are two women from distinct social worlds. The only thing they have in common is their attendance of the same secondary school, and even that experience sets them up as enemies.

The Wasp, Trafalgar Studios, courtesy Ikin Yum 20

So it is odd that Heather proposes to meet up with Carla twenty-odd years since they last saw one another. Heather is now a sophisticated woman of substantial means, whilst Carla seems to have succeeded in very little other than procreation.

The clear social divide is a false binary, though, as these two women are psychologically a lot closer than meets the eye. To reveal more would be to spoil the plot of a very well scripted, well paced play; however, it is safe to say that audiences will not be dissatisfied with the various twists and turns of this production.

The Wasp, Trafalgar Studios, courtesy Ikin Yum 49

Myanna Buring as Carla and Laura Donnelly as Heather are a fantastic pairing. There’s a real chemistry in their hateful relationship, and both actresses seem to relish the delivery of the many darkly comic lines that lace the play.

Thematically, we see how their relationship is anchored to their youthful experiences together, and that they can’t escape from the violence of their childhood. What’s perhaps most disturbing about the hate within this play is the masculine nature of it all, as if this behaviour is socially conditioned from years of male violence against women.

At once, then, this play is both entertaining and also gives the audience some deeper issues to grapple with. It is unsurprising that it was a success during its first run at the Hampstead Theatre, and it is definitely worth watching during its three week run at Trafalgar Studios.

the wasp



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