Top 5 Shows to see in London this Christmas

#1 Cinderella and the Beanstalk at Theatre 503

25th November – 2nd January

sleeping treesFast paced comedy and all-round family fun, Sleeping Trees present a glorious cocktail of your favourite pantomimes. Follow Cinderella on a perilous adventure as the scheming Rumple Stiltskin blackmails the would-be princess into retrieving the coveted golden eggs from the top of the beanstalk.

Sleeping Trees are an award-winning comedy trio blending the classic elements of a well-loved pantomime with an astonishing range of fast, physical and bare-knuckled comedy.

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#2 Penguin! Elephant! at the Chelsea Theatre

1st-24th December

Goblin Theatre Company return to the Chelsea Theatre following the success of The Ballad of Rudy and Mr Tiger Goes Wild.

Penguin is a little bit selfish. Penguin loves fish fingers, but never shares them. Everything is black and white and that’s just the way Penguin likes it. Until one day Elephant turns up. Elephant is big. Elephant is messy. Elephant likes lots of colour everywhere. However will Penguin cope!?

penguin elephant

With original songs, hilarious physical comedy and dance, Penguin! Elephant! is a magical new show for children aged 3+ about celebrating differences for anyone who has ever waddled like a Penguin or stomped like an Elephant.

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#3 Get Happy at the Barbican

17th-30th December

Enter a world of artfully controlled chaos. There’s a mysterious bag that drops from a height. Shoes have magical powers. And the strangest egg sandwich is made in front of your eyes. 

get happy

Slapstick comedy from the award winning Told by an Idiot provides an alternative Christmas show for kids and adults of all ages. Physical comedy, live music, acrobatics, silly dancing and audience interaction all feature in this ‘madcap little gem’ (Time Out).

Told by an Idiot has looked to the work of Charlie Chaplin, Dr Seuss and Pina Bausch to fashion an unexpected variety performance, bursting with quirky playfulness and off-the-wall humour.

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#4 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Hoxton Hall

14th-24th December

snow white hoxtonHoxton Hall hosts its first ever panto, with its very own East End twist.

From the icy pavements of Hoxton Street to the magic of the Enchanted Forest, embark on a thrilling adventure complete with a wicked queen, handsome prince, seven helpful dwarves, a poison apple and a very opinionated mirror.

The highlight of the show will be aerialist Will Davis as the Forest Fairy, gliding through the air on silks. Expect lots of laughs, sing-along songs and plenty to boo, hiss and cheer about in this treat of a show suitable for children (aged 4+) and adults alike.

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#5 Mirror Mirror at The King’s Head Theatre

3rd December – 9th January

Charles Court Opera take on Snow White this year in what will be its 10th anniversary of ’boutique panto’.

mirror mirror

A terrifically evil Queen has all she could wish for – including an equally evil magic mirror. Enter a dashing Prince from a far off kingdom, more interested in a certain young filly in the town who spends her days playing housekeeper to seven dwarfs… cue disguises, booby traps, magic spells, and even murder by apple pie, all dunked in a delicious cocktail of jaw-dropping musical numbers, terrible puns and top drawer singers.

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