World Premiere of Arthur Miller Play ‘No Villain’

PrintTo mark the centenary of Arthur Miller’s birth, Sean Turner and the Old Red Lion will present the World Premiere of the until now long-lost first play of one of America’s greatest dramatists and political icons. Over six days during spring break 1936 at the University of Michigan, a twenty-year old college sophomore wrote his first play, No Villain. His aim was to win the prestigious Avery Hopwood award and, more importantly, the $250 prize he needed in order to return to college the following year. Miller won the award, but until now the play has never been produced.


No Villain tells the story of a garment industry strike that sets a son against his factory proprietor father. Here, Miller explores the Marxist theory that would see him hauled before the House Un-American Activities Committee years later. This debut play will offer a tantalising glimpse of Miller’s early life, the seeding of his political values and the beginning of his extraordinary career.

millerMiller commented: “My first attempt at a play, rather inevitably, had been about industrial action and a father and his two sons, the most autobiographical dramatic work I would ever write”.

No Villain runs at the Old Red Lion Theatre from the 8th of December until the 9th of January. Find out more here:


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