4/5 Stars

Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs – 4 Stars

Kids love pirates, right? And dinosaurs? Then how about Pirate Dinosaurs! This delightful children’s theatre production was a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe and is now beginning a national tour. Based on the hugely popular children’s book of the same name, this show’s sure to keep kids (and maybe even parents!) entertained on a free weekend or over the half term.

Captain Finn

The show is half pantomime, half musical and 100% great fun. The story is about a group of young schoolchildren who set off on adventure to find a lost pirate ship, and the audience is invited along too as part of the pirate crew! But first, we have to show Captain Flinn that we have what it takes to be pirates—we put a hand over our eye to show him our eyepatches, we hold up a bent finger to show him our hook, and we finish our loudest “Arrrrrr!”

Pirate dinosaurs

The music is sure to keep the audience bouncing in their seats, as we journey across the high seas, fighting storms, seagulls and flying fish. The incredible set brings the story to life, as birds swoop over the audience and animals swim around underwater. Eventually we find the lost pirate ship but oh no! It’s been taken over! And not just by ordinary pirates, but—you guessed it—by pirate dinosaurs!

These dinosaurs are kitted out in remarkable costumes, ranging from a dopey diplodocus to a Pirate dinosaurtough-guy triceratops, but they’re no match for Flinn’s crew. It’s only when the gigantic T-Rex shows up that they have a problem! This is the most exciting moment in the show and the T-Rex costume is incredibly impressive—and even a bit frightening!

This is a wonderful show that I don’t think kids will forget in a hurry. It’s the right length, at fifty minutes, and the actors are both accommodating to the young audience and also engage on just the right level. The songs are catchy enough to stay in your head and the storyline is charming. The children certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves when I went to see it. And more than a few adults as well.

So is it worth going to see? ­— Arrrrrr!


The tour runs from Feb to the end of May. See below for details:



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